Veggie Avenger

Crisp shredded romaine
sweeto rice
black beans
Sweeto 3-Cheese Blend
onion rings
lime juice
pico de gallo
cilantro ranch

Carne and I were brought up by the same master. It was with him that we were taught the harmony of meat and veggies in the war against cravings. If only it could have lasted.

He could never control the veggie side like I could. It drove him wild and in rage, he and I dueled... and have been at war ever since. He's entirely shunned the veggie side just as I no longer embrace meat. He has joined the League of Flames, while I have become part of the Flavor Corps.

Torn by a flavor civil war, the only way to win is to tame the beast with the flavor of lettuce and beans, Onion rings, lime juice, and pico de gallo. Don't underestimate the power of the veggie. Because while I'm no beast like Carnivore is, that doesn't mean I can't bite.

Carnivore believes that freedom comes from unleashing the beast inside. But I know better -- I'll liberate the earth, by drawing my power from the earth.

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