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Veggie Avenger is weak. The same master trained us, but we couldn't be more different. To think that meat and veggies belong side by side is foolish. If I wanted a salad, I'd go outside and bite a tree. Veggie Avenger, that goodie greenie, thinks he's fresh stuff, but he should know that meat does more than crush hunger -- it fuels power.

Humans have those canine teeth for a reason, and it wasn't for chewing romaine lettuce and eating... whatever the heck chutney is. But he's always thought he was better than me, the arrogant lettuce-head. But he doesn't understand the draw of meat, and that's what drove us apart. The pompous fool doesn't know the joy that comes with biting into flame grilled steak, smoked chicken, and crispy bacon. He doesn't comprehend the savor. The lime and the pico de gallo are the only sharp things ol' Veggie brings to the table. Meanwhile, I'm not for the faint of heart, not when people experience my sriracha bite.

The League of Flames gave me what I've always wanted... the desire to be wild. And I won't rest until every eater feels the same liberation.

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