Carne Assassin

Grilled steak
Sweeto rice
black beans
Sweeto 3-Cheese Blend
lime juice
cilantro ranch
sour cream

Sweeto's always been the soft one in the family. Sweet kid, but lacks the sharpness that I possess. I'm embarrassed to say we share the same upbringing.

You can see it in our black beans and rice. But we're made of different meat-erial. When we lost our parents, he went tender after being shredded by grief. I let that fire of grief take hold of me, accepting the grill as my master and drawing power from the acidity of the lime.

I take orders from no one but the League of Flames, providing a license to grill, and bring flame-broiled justice to my victims. The only one standing in my way, is Sweeto.

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