Buff Chick

Boneless crispy chicken
tater tots
Sweeto 3-Cheese Blend
cilantro ranch
your choice of sweet hot sauce or buffalo sauce (hot)

The name's Buff Chick. Sister to Break Neck, and MVP of the League of Flames. That's right, Break Neck and I are the unstoppable duo. He's still kicking around with that bunch, but there was not enough meat on those bones to satisfy me. Which is exactly why I decided to go no bones, all meat.

Break Neck didn't like that so much and he's still sore about it. The Flavor Corps's got enough flavor to get the job done. After all, I want to tingle taste buds, not scorch them.

Don't be fooled, though -- I may have chicken, but that doesn't make me one. Only real tough guys can handle me, and it's cute that Break Neck thinks he can keep up. But come on, in the war on cravings, he's all bark and no bite.

Fresh eggs, chunky bacon, and tater tots? Every lady's dream... not. Get smart, ladies and gents. I can hold my ground. He might have the egg, but I bring the chicken. He talks big with his touch of sriracha, but with your choice of sweet sauce or buffalo sauce... well, I can either be sweet or spicy.

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