Break Neck

Fresh cooked eggs
chunky bacon
tater tots
Sweeto 3-Cheese Blend
cilantro ranch
a touch of sriracha

I'll spare ya the debate. In this race between the chicken and the egg, the egg is comin' first. Buff Chick talks big, but what do you expect from my kid sister. You can see it in the family resemblance. We both got our dad's tater tots. But we end there.

She turned her back on the League of Flames, the team that gave us a home and made us into the heat-bringers we are today. We were forged in fire.

She crisped up, and so did I. But underneath that crunch was the tender chicken. And I was crispy bacon, through and through. And I ain't gonna rest until I bring her right back into line. After all, nobody can resist the call of the fire.

Don't be fooled by Chick's "I can be sweet or spicy" shtick. She's a hothead either way... just like me. That's why this little sibling rivalry is now an all-out smack-down, and I plan on winning. She's got Flavor Corps written all over her, but it won't be long before you discover why she started off with the League of Fire.

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